performance: "Protocol_001"
Volksroom - Bruxelles 2011
music: Quilt Sound - collaborator: Eve Bonneau
done (different versions): Le Chien Perdu (Brussels), Nau Estruch (Sabadell), Antic Teatre (Barcelona), ExTeresa Arte Actual (Mexico DF), Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam).

Is a performance showing a dimensional map that allows us to see at one and the same time the many other different realities existing alongside ours, and that affect ours in some definite way.
Protocol nos muestra un mapa dimensional que nos permite ser conscientes al mismo tiempo de otras muchas realidades que marchan entorno nuestro y que nos afectan de manera determinante. start.jpg leg.jpg flag.jpg shit.jpg dance2.jpg dance3.jpg sputo.jpg coser.jpg milk1.jpg milk2.jpg garbage.jpg 2.jpg mange.jpg phone.jpg